#ULOG 42| I Am Committed To ULOG -- Are YOU?

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There is none other like ULOG I tell YOU.


Ulog is the pinnacle of sharing myself in this wonderful personal experiences, challenges, directions towards my intimate being in this undertaking.

I am always motivated to write on Ulog because there is strength, courage, the power to change an individual or influence in my own way to anyone who reads it. Writing on ULOG doesn't confuse me at all, it gives an essential message, whatever I write just about everything; A beggar I usually gave some money almost every day for months, but lately I haven't seen him begging in front of the drug store establishment yet he has a family to feed, yeah. Yesterday evening I saw him again gave something, I usually have a small chat with this guy, but I don't feel well and went straight home; There is this unwanted sentiment that I shouldn't be noticed can't tell when will it stop just keep on popping-up, and I despise it! These two events happen with purpose, but they are two different stories, but that's how an Ulog supposed to be! Again, I will not expound what is ULOG is all about because Terry made it clear in his posts.

MY Inner Thoughts Are Always Awake
Most of the time my inner thoughts are thinking rapidly and I can't catch up with it. I'd like to put everything in Ulog and let everyone knows how I am into Ulog. Yes,. that it's true, even in my sleep, I casually think about Ulog. Before I write my next Ulog I read some posts and I think that some of the posts aren't really about ULOG. The post is as ordinary post that I have read. It's not about YOULOG!

Ulog Is Inspirational
I believe that every Steemians who writes in Ulog has some degree of inspiring each other souls. Yes, that is so true, Ulog always ready to disseminate not just information to everyone, however, Ulog should be written in Ulog form because it's all about YOU. The hardest part is the writer is writing about the sun, the moon, the sea, the birds and everything like they are reporting a news. I don't see ULOG should always about YOU being a true celebrity! Terry made it clear about ULOG... No I'm not complaining, ULOG is all about You but the most important aspect of being inspired there is hard to find when Ulog is posted!

Committed To ULOG
As far as writing on Ulog, I'm committed to propagate ULOG to anyone in the world! I have a plan to make I hope this will trigger an individual to sign up on Steemit and write on Ulog. Since ULOG is now trending on Steemit I think this will be the beginning of Steemit's conquering the net with a BANG!




Thank you @iwrite. The future is granted, but unseen. The future is recorded as we go.

H. G.

You are most welcome H.G.!

I wish I have a gadget that I can foreseen whatever it is in the future may hold for mankind, sadly, I know none. SMH.

The future only needs a few good people. I'm Proud to have met you.
I know that you help others. And the way forward is easier because of you.

H. G.

Thanking you H.G.!

Hello friend HG @iwrite is the leader and mentor of our small group.

The future is not for us to know I guess

You are truly an inspiration sir and a great mentor for sd family, you and ma'am @purpledaisy57 , we are thankful for the support.

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