#ULOG 38| Rattle And Hum In The Life of An Ulogger

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The busy days of an Ulogger is more likely to be more active than ever as it shows in the trending blogs. It appears that I am more inclined to Ulog than any other projects of any whales I’ve encountered. Though I may have had rattle and hum as an Ulogger, I have to live with it, because life is a constant struggle.

The more I become involve with my Ulog post the more I see how lovely Ulog is. Since it was started a month ago by Terry, it is quite pretty effective for the Steemians to get involved in this project. Ulog always center on YOU as being, a person whose life evolve in so many different ways, let say being a pauper or a freaking rich Ulog treated it without bias or prejudice. Ulog doesn’t limit my being when I’m on it, Ulog accepted me with open arms!

The life that I’m now enjoying or living or whatever it is the life I came into being I don’t have any power to change it once a boom of unfortunate events started to hit on me! Is there a fortunate events waiting for me somewhere near? The last time I checked is I’m still waiting for it. The buzz that is humming around my lifetime creates a un-symphony that has no rhyme or a melodic tune to listen. Is this one of my unfortunate event? Am I unheard in the bosom of my existence? I think it is the fact that I’m still looking for a resolution despite my slow turning point that I’m pursuing.

My life as an Ulogger generates an amusing feeling towards a much better understanding how Ulog is translating it on how I scribe myself into it in a very meaningful way. Yes, our wary way of connecting our lives with each other somehow can be of help to each other but does not mean I’m more open to it. It’s just a provisional connection, learning things also from them, though my life and theirs are not that connected but we have a common denominator everyone has and that is to find meaning in it, taking time to ponder on why we are here and yet my presence is also the same with them that have the same goal in this life.

Moreover, the humdrum occurrence of my life is not exactly what I have in mind. There are times that it isn’t the outcome that I wanted but what and how can I be of assistance to them who needed the help the most is what I really like but despondently poor than rascal!



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