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What a day. Out of bed before light, booted up computer and loaded Scrivener and fed the plot for first chapter of next book into the synopsis cards.
Breakfast, then took the Medicare cheque to my eye specialist (regular injections to stave off any worsening of macular degeneration). Then back home to play with a new website which Google assists in constructing and so far have done:
Then remembered I had committed to attend a photographing session - a very new experience for me - dug out my FinePix camera, found the batteries were flat so out again

to Coles near Central Market to buy a batch of AA batteries. Came home with the batteries, a loaf of bread and 500gm of cheddar cheese. Tried to capture photographs of some of the birds who find food and water on my patio - sometimes Murray magpies (3), bronzewing pigeons (2) and sparrows - any number up to about 10. If ever I can capture a shot of the sparrows - even one - it will be nothing short of a miracle. They just have to see or sense any move I make through the patio glass and they are off and away. However, a pigeon is getting used to my moving about indoors and seems happy to stay for a while unless it (he/she) thinks I may be about to come out of doors.


Time to go out again to meet up with the photography group, but first I wanted to get a photo of my book in Dymocks Bookshop - upstairs in the fiction section and it could be a good idea to change my name so my books are not filed so low down the shelves!


So then it was wait until time to meet the group. I am ALWAYS early for everything and as long as that is not for my funeral I don't mind waiting. With my mobile phone I caught a shot of Rundle Mall as it began to rain.
Met the group within Dymocks, listened and learned how to play with apertures as the goal for the evening was to take photos in low light. This with the FinePix:
I did not stay for the full session - wanted to get home and play with the camera, but on the way, with the smartphone, took this shot of one of Rundle Mall's iconic scenes.
Intended to treat myself to a Kentucky Fried on the way home, but the Hindley Street shop had a mile of people waiting, so back home with the intention of raiding the freezer for dinner. But so far, have sat myself here, twyping up this my first uLog; thinking what a wonderful concept to get us all posting something every day!
So, this is Tuesday evening, 22nd of May 2018 and now after 8:30 pm and I am hungry! Catch up again tomorrow.


Very cool day! Love the mall photos and you have an awesome patio. The plants are great. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @wholeself-in. Congratulations.

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I visited the website and mind blown! I have previously joined Discord but this old brain finds it all confusing! How many groups already within Steemit and how many within Discord. Are posts within Discord treated/valued as they are within steemit?
I tend to avoid gambling so will pass on the fairlotto (what are the odds :)
Please keep me in your sights and nag when you deem I have learned enough about this environment to tackle tutorials in - WHAT are Steem-Python applications? Don't answer - I will search. Then grab a bite to eat. It has been a long day.

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Sounds like you had a busy day :) Sorry the your group didn't seem to hold your attention. We received your wonderful pictures instead. I hope your book is doing well too!!

@wholeself-in featured you this week for Pay It Forward Curation Contest Stop by and take a look it's another way to get to meet people you normally wouldn't

Hi @isabeldorastorey, oh your book cover calls to me. Very nice design.

Thanks again for the poem you left in the comment. :)

I'm recommending you to the @welcomewagon. They don't have a discord server. I know it's a bit much getting around this platform already.

I do hope you get more visibility and enjoy your time writing here. Xx

Very happy to be here to meet you..feel like a journey along with you there ..Wonderful snaps that you attached.

Thanks to @wholeself-in for nominating this