Ulog #71 | Family in town for a short holiday trip Part #4

in #ulog2 months ago

Today is Sunday's activity for my parents & brother and also the final day for shopping. Tomorrow, they are going back home already. So, whatever they need to buy, it will have to be today. And for today, it's to Chinatown, Quan 5. After breakfast, we ordered Grab and headed off to Cho Binh Tay. It was almost 11am by the time we arrived. After days of eating out, they had planned to have a simple breakfast at home, then again, with my dad and his adventure, he ended up buying more ready to eat food from the local market near my apartment. There was no stopping him to try all this new food!

Chinatown was amazingly near from where I stay, only 10 minutes by Grab Car costing us VND57,000 which is really affordable. We spend about over 2 hours, shopping and buying some souvenirs for friends and family back home. Everyone got a bit of something for themselves.


With all the walking, we stopped a while to enjoy fresh coconut water again. This seems to be a frequent past time for us. And we walked again and more shopping continued. If one to get anything, this is definitely the place to go, not only the prices are at wholesale but also the variety is above and beyond. Best part is many of the sellers can speak Cantonese or Mandarin.


I even got some food stuff for my Christmas Gift Exchange party that is to be held the following week. It was either buying an available gift or packing my own little gifts for my colleagues. And since I lie being creative, I decided to buy a range of food goodies and pack them myself. I think it's more personalised and also fun.