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It's been a long time since I went to the gym. First, I didn't have any expectations or whatsoever. All I really cared was just getting this body on the move. Since the start of my fitness goals last week, I have been doing some exercise of some sort - jogging, home workouts and now the gym.

Well, my best buddy Reginne have a membership at the ANYTIME FITNESS and she has this privilege of bringing a friend once a week. And I was that lucky friend she chose. I guess she really knew how much I needed to get my game on.

We started off with a cardio workout then proceeded with the machines. And I was really impressed with the modern equipment this gym has. No need for a trainer as long as you follow properly the instructions on the label on each machine. My friend was all supportive and guided me if I had uncertainties in how to use some of them.


This equipment is by far my favorite! It's burning those fats and toning the muscles in the inner thigh region. Just loving it.


This one is for the arms and the back.


Some arm workout.


And lastly, NEVER forget to do your warm-up and cool-down exercises. I ended up doing some yoga poses for my cool-down exercises.

If you have been waiting to also get your game on. My only advice is don't wait for tomorrow for it might turn into weeks, months or never. Just change into any workout clothes you have and go for it! I do jogging in the morning if me and my friend aren't going to the gym.

P.S. I'm dying to attend yoga classes. So I'm saving up my Steemit earnings so I can avail their monthly subscription which actually is more cheaper since I intend to do this long term.

That's it for today's ulog! Thank you so much uloggers! Stay tuned, Steem on and Always remember...

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#BalikAlindogProgram @indayclara . ahahahahh :D Keep it up :)