Ulog 012: Still a Bud excited to Bloom!

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Life has been slow for me. For the past months, I've been in this unsure, uncertain, or confusing state. This is what I gained for reevaluating my journey, my dreams and goals if they are all aligned to my truest self.


Still a Bud...

I guess I'm like this bud still waiting for its time to bloom. Despite the other buds have already bloom in all its glory, it still remained closed, growing inside. So while waiting for that ultimate time to shine, I'm going to keep on growing and learning. I've decided to really work on my personal growth and development. I love the book Belief Re-Patterning by Suze Casey which I'm still reading by the way. It's helping me re-pattern my old beliefs that no longer serve me good. And I have a lot of not-so-amazing old programming I have acquired up until now which all of these I am slowly upgrading into amazing, uplifting ones.

Comparing myself to other's achievements and journey is not a healthy one. Each one of us have different paths to take in this lifetime. I know mine is different from yours. And I hope we will achieve our purpose or path whhever that may lead.

Can't wait to bloom...

Despite the slow pace of my life, I am actually excited now. Its like I can't wait to bloom like this flower...


Don't get me wrong. I'm in no rush as well. Its equally important to enjoy the ride! Enjoy the now as what Eckhart Tolle taught in his book The Power of Now. Such a great book by the way.

I know that when its my time, I know I'm going to have an extraordinary life.

Thanks for reading guys! Flowers photographed at Vietnam. 😍🌼 Stay tuned, Steem on and Always remember YOU ARE AMAZING!

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