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It's more than a week now that my mom had a stroke and although it was mild, a lot of her capabilities are still affected. As her chest x-ray showed Aspiration Pneumonia from the Emergency Room (ER), a naso-gastric tube (NGT) was inserted and nothing per orem (NPO) was allowed, meaning no food nor water can pass through her mouth. Unable to eat and drink, this NGT was neccessary for her nutrients and medications. Two days after, her rehabilitation was commenced.

Swallowing can be lost when having a stroke, this depending on where in the brain gets affected that controls this motor function.

Unfortunately for my mom, she was eating her favorite snacks when she had her stroke. Although she was speaking in complete sentences on arrival in ER, she was coughing when the nurse gave her Aspirin dose. Together, most probably, these brought this problem.

Aspiration Pneumonia can occur when food or water get to the lungs instead of the stomach. Causing an infection, this complicates hospital stay as a course of strong antibiotics is needed. As a nurse, my experience have exposed me to a lot of these complications. Babies, kids and the elderlies who have weak immune system have a high mortality rate of death from this also.


With this ongoing problem, assessment of her swallowing was commenced by the occupational therapist, a JELLY ACE was requested for us to prepare. With no food or water for 5 days, we were only allowed to wet her lips with water to encourage her swallowing reflex. Not only my mom but everyone was looking forward for this part of her assessment.

Although mashed, this was her first solid food for almost a week, a mashed strawberry jelly ace. She passed the cold and sour stimulations but she failed with this one.

Still being fed through her NG tube, I brought her home after more than a week in the hospital, my sister whose a nutritionist prepares her diet till she have regained her swallowing back. She will be needing a 3-days a week rehabilitation.


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I hope she gets well soon po :)

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thanks kuya..she is hopefully on the mend.

I am sorry to hear about your Mom, my friend. I hope she is doing much better! Take care.


Thanks, she is for now and getting stubborn for a 92 yr-old🙂

Big hug Ate.. I hope it hasn't been too worrisome for you <3


Thanks ate! I tried not to, got many help too🙂

Hoping for her fast recovery, it just the same situation with my father-in-law


thank you...the same for your father-in-law too. How is he?

praying for your mom fast recovery.. GOD will definitely heal your mom.. claimed it... my prayers for you po...


thanks much kuya!

I am sorry about your Mom ate. How old is she? You can give her ensure or prosure meal replacement drink with Malunggay powder, pampalakas yun.


Thanks kuya..she's 92. She can't have malunggay eh..

Wishing for your mom's fast recovery Lola @Imma. Hope to see you soon!

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Thank you lola...coffee tayo soon, un malapet lang😍😍