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ULOG #012 : "Kaniyogan"

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My fascination with coconut trees started from grade school when my parents and i were living away from our hometown, inside the school grounds where they taught. Of all the trees that can be found on our own backyard, a coconut tree was not one of them. Around our town, there's not a lot as well so we buy elsewhere when we want to have some.


In the Filipino language, niyog means coconut and kaniyogan in Ilocano dialect means a place where there is a lot of coconut trees.

My parents as teachers never taught in our own town, their teaching jobs were in a barrio (a smaller place than a town), almost 2 hours away where we lived. As they were teaching in grade school, my other brother and i grew up in that area, near the sea where it's full of coconut trees.


Amazingly, their co-teachers also were not from that place but rather near our home town. I guess that place was so laid back where there were still no teaching graduates from there. To accomodate all non-local teachers and their families, a wooden building was also built inside the school grounds.

Near my mom's school room, behind the building were rows of tall coconut trees. Because of their height, my mom and her co-teachers no longer allowed anyone to climb them for their fruits. What happened was, these fruits then get matured till brown. Access to them occured when they fall to the ground for its' meat to be collected, cooked, resulting to producing coconut oil.

Fancy climbing one?


Mind you they don't fall easily. But during typhoons, strong winds can. As a child, they can be heared falling to the roofs of the school, sometimes one after another. With nothing to do, being awakened to their sounds, we were either anticipating and counting them till we go back to sleep.

In the morning, when there's no wind, we will be checking the ground and picking those that have fallen the night before.

Happy days.

All images are mine, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 in Siquijor Island.


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I have a coconut in my house though, it's quite shorter, I guess this breed is very different.


There's a lot of different breed that can be seen not just from its' trees but from the fruits as well.

You do seem to have a bit on a coconut obsession @immarojas. how on earth do you manage when you'r in the UK? 😂


there are coconut drinks being sold in UK Gillian..i just dont like those being sold in China town. Nothing beats the real young coconut water😅😃

Hello @immarojas, you know I love coconut, but I better buy it in a place that they cut it and give me the water and the pulp separately, I don't see myself climbing a coconut tree, hahaha. I love a drink that they make by mixing the water with the pulp they add ice, condensed milk, a little sugar, they call it cocada, it's delicious. Happiness always.


Sounds like a coconut water smoothie @syllem
It's refreshing isn't it? Thank God for climbers!

in our dialect it is called lubi.. yung fresh buko na binibenta sa mga resorts at sidewalk called butong.. yung coconut nman na kinukunan ng gata called lahing..


matured is lahing?


yup.. it's called lahing...

I can almost hear the fronds blowing in the sea breeze... :)


Waking up with the sound of sea waves hitting the shore was comforting esp. on weekends that we didn't need to get up so early.

Same here.. i also love buko juice and making lamaw.

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How is that lamaw made of?


Lamaw is made of young coconut juice and its scraped meat, condensed milk, some biscuits and soda preferably royal tru orange and then ice to make it cold..its like a dessert

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Sounds goood!That i will have to try. Un iba plain lang ang gusto.