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Some say, how seriously we work is the measure of success that we will be able to. But it turns out, not always thought is true. Whether we realize it or not, we live in a workaholic world. Serving at the office, dedicating to work, to setting high goals for work. That's what often makes us forget life outside work. In fact, working in a relaxed and not in a hurry that brings many advantages lho, my friend Gem. When we apply the principle of serious but relaxed work, it means we can carry out the task effectively and work performance can increase.

Employees who do not spend all their time just for careers, usually also have a more harmonious relationship with family, friends and the people around him. As for the company, the performance and condition of the excellent employees would greatly affect the ongoing productivity of the office.

For Friends who want to know how, you can apply the points below;

Set goals

When you get a new job from your boss, do not just look at the job just like that. Set your goals. Take a moment to think, what things will you achieve if the work is done. With the goal you have been thinking about, it indicates that you already have a sketch of the steps you must take to reach it.


Stop comparing

Everyone's work patterns are different. There are employees who when it's working, nimble is not playing. As for you, when compared to the employee, like a snail against a rabbit. But ... no need to be discouraged. As already said, everyone has a different pattern of work. As long as you can finish the job, why should it matter?

Life for today

Sometimes this often escapes us. We pay more attention to career goals in the long term. Yes, right. We definitely want to level up from the position that is currently being carried, but ... Do not make it to make us forget with everything other than work. Have a lot of money, big salary, but lonely? Do not want to be enslaved work or money. You must be able to control it all. There's nothing wrong for you trying to come to the salon or where the reflection is finished working, shopping to the supermarket when the office hours have run out, or take time to lunch with friends at the restaurant subscription? Sure it is allowed. Guaranteed, after that, your heart and mind will come back fresh!


Best regard to @good-karma and @surpassinggoogle


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