ULOG #48 || WE made it to the TOP! 👊 The longest Trekking Adventure with my Girlfriend and Teammates.

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Reaching the TOP is not always easy but it is always desirable. Not all who desire in reaching the top can make it and not all who reach the TOP desire to make it, some were just amazed that they were able to breach the limits of their minds.

This is one of the most wonderful experience I had with my girlfriend. I was so hesitant of bringing her into this event which is the most adventurous and risky but above all life enhancing activity. We call it "TREKKING". I am confident that this activity would totally bring out the best of her so I forcely invited her. :) I have prepared myself as well and I am very much willing to take her to the top no matter what happen.

We are one group with 11 members which composes 5 gentlemen and 6 lovely women. Gentlemen's role is to watch women's back and always ready to catch them if ever they fall along the challenging trail. We started trekking around 9am and before we set foot ourselves into the trail we begin our trekking with a group prayer. I lead the prayer for the team and immediately we started the hike.


After and hour of trekking on the trail and penetrating into bushes we suddenly heard the rushing sound of the river at the heart of the forest. It ignites our excitement to see the river. The rushing of water is calling us to be visit and witness it's naturally crafted beauty that brings a very rejuvenating ambiance.

The Fresh water and air that continuously rushing is absolutely refreshing.

Jumping into big rocks was fun! 😄

Reaching the river after an hour of trekking was already rewarding and worth enough. We are all satisfied with the experience we just had. After a 10 minutes break we continue our hike. This time we are mostly traversing the riverbank going up.


We thought we have just witness the most refreshing river experience and yet there's still more to find. As we continue trekking along the riverbanks going upward and passing through rocky trail, one stunning view greeted our eyes. The Waterfalls! 👀

Smile with Nature. :)

  • The most Challenging Trail Ever!

After all those wonderful experience we had with the river and waterfalls we did not expect that our journey would get tougher than expected especially for the women in our team. Our team leader "Luther" obviously lead the team but we did not hear him about the terrain that we are going to pass through. It's good on one side though since you won't have any fear or moving forward but yeah the trail is quite challenging especially to the girls in our team but we made it safely. Gentlemen extended arms to help them climb and get to the other side.

Gentleman at the back watching the lovely girls going through the challenging trail. 👍

We've safely pass through the challenging trail and then we had our lunch break exactly 12PM. And after one hour break we still need to make the final push to make it to the Peak. Most of the girls are already exhausted but the course must be completed. We got up and then we took the final HUURRAAH! 👊

  • The Final Push to the PEAK!

Here we go! The Final Hurrah!

The lunch break definitely fueled us to make the final push. I had to carry more water myself because I know my girlfriend would need more this time since she is already exhausted. I had to push her back as she took the steps going up to the PEAK. Along the way I kept on giving her encouraging words and insights in life to fuel her courage to complete the course. I assured her that I will be at your back and will give you my 100% support until we reached the top. Most of the gentlemen did the same to their partner. The first pair reach the top and the rest but we are left behind since we had to deal with the final challenging moment. The muscle cramps! 😥

Almost there but not yet... then she got muscle cramps! 👀

We are close to the peak and breath is getting scarce. I have to regain more energy myself because I know that in any seconds my girlfriend might collapse along this challenging terrain.

All of a sudden she fainted and almost dropped herself to the ground due to muscle cramps. I immediately assisted her together with one of our teammates named PATRICK who is the last man watching our backs. I gently stretched her leg and softly massage it until the cramps gone.

I took a deep breath and concentrated all my energy within me. Then I told her to get on my back as I carry her so that her leg can rest. The trail is so steep and rough but I manage to carry my girlfriend at the back. I told myself... "I will use all my energy to help you up to the peak. This is not my journey. THIS IS OUR JOURNEY AND TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!"


We have completed the course 4pm in the afternoon. That was my first and longest trekking I've made with my girlfriend. I'm so proud of her unlocking her potentials to the limits even up the point of breaking and yet not giving up! I love her so much!

She still manage to smile though she's very exhausted and after the pain of her muscle cramps. After all the challenge and the long arduous trek we have done won't matter now that we are at the TOP. This is a very enhancing experience. Sometimes in life you need to strain your potentials to know how much capable you are to fight and to get to the top of your dreams.

The view is always beautiful at the top! Sometimes you need to climb higher to see the whole picture of your dreams and then breach it's portal to finally claim the reward of your VICTORY!

"Indeed, every journey begins with a single ambitious step fueled with courageous spirit and ended with humble and joyful victorious heart!"

This is my Life-Changing ULOG! Thanks for accompanying in me in my journey! I love you all! 💖

Your friend,


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True, but now i'm questioning whether that statement was accurate or not.

"Indeed, every journey begins with a single ambitious step fueled with courageous spirit and ended with humble and joyful victorious heart!"

I agree :)

It's been a great experience. Your girlfriend and you have had such beautiful memories. I enjoyed your adventure.

That looks like a really exciting adventure! May I know which place is this? Am I missing it on your post?


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