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Hi all! We'll today isn't an ordinary one because we went out from our hide out to get an authenticated copy of Angelo's birth certificate in PSA.

My original plan was to go there early but Nanny Annie didnt show up thus I have to ask my sister to come over, help me with the chores so that we can go to PSA.

We arrived at the agency 11:55am. As in super hoot! But thank God their room was air conditioned. It is my 1st time to go to that office since it moved from Tibanga before. The room was very crowded! Super. I could see people holding papers with priority numbers 500+, 400+ and even 800+ !! So we went straight to their officer of the day. But just before we talked, he asked us if what document we intend to get, then he handed us just what we needed, a form*.. He then gestured showing the breastfeeding area saying that we could go inside there so that we could keep Angelo from running and fillup the form. I said thanks and headed to it.
Their breasfeeding area has table and bench enough for maybe 2 pairs of moms and babies.

It was really mindful for them to provide a secure area for us bf moms. I was so happy that moms that go to PSA dont have to cover their babies while feeding which is very stressful for the little ones bc there's a little room for us.

When I went inside, it was occupied and there was a baby sleeping while latching on his mom's. So we went outside and started filing uo the form. After writing, I gave the form to the officer and he said that we shall go straight to the Screener where we were interviewed shortly and then we proceeded to the cashier.

At the cashier, talked to me and I asked her if where did she got the priority number bc we havent received any like that. So I got a little scared bc they might get anxious that we didnt followed the rules.

But the lady said that anyone who carries baby will be especially treated as such.
Like wooooow! Really?! I think we just skipped 200+ persons on the line!
After the payment, we waited for about 30 mins. Angelo was walking around through the crowd while me and my sister is taking turns of following him. We felt really hungry alreasy so we asked the Security Guard if it's ok that we will not be there readily if our name will be called for the release of the document. She said no problem and that we only have to show our ID if we come back.
After our satisfying late lunch, we arrived there at 2:30pm.. we headed staright to the release section, showed my ID and gotcha!! We finally got the Birth Certificate! Hehe.

I am really thankful for the PSA-Iligan for their kind and fast service!

Thanks for reading!

She said, it's @hesaid..

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