ULOG No.6: Tonight I Joined A Comment Contest by @STEEMITACHIEVERS And Here's My Entry! 😁😁

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Well i would like to take 'alternate universe' literally to make it more fun!
So the theme is:
If in an alternate universe, you are given the powers to control the SBD price, how much (USD) will you set it and why?

My answer? Well... I would want the sbd price to be five times as much as the cost of a back and forth spaceship ride to that universe!
And oh by the way, I just checked my wallet and I only got 1. 36 sbd. Hehehe. So I will borrow enough money to have that ride to that universe and bring my 1 sbd with me. Convert my 1sbd to the aforementioned amount above and then comeback to Earth as billionaire where I could share it to my family and friends!!

Of course I dont want to become bilionaire but alone! Haha!

When I come back to Earth I will pay my debt for renting spaceship and invest more sbd with my billions! And that woud give a spike to sbd price here! I know my co-steemians would love it! Hahaha!

Well-planned, eh?


I encourage everyone to vote Sir Terry or @surpassinggoogle as your witness! His kind and generous heart paired with his hardwork is a must in this blockchain!
Just click this link and type "steemgigs" on the box to cast your vote!!

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