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I bought a high chair for him from my steemit wallet and I am really loving the feeling that every meal time, I'd look to my little one and this is all I could say!

I really had no plan of cashing out my steem from day 1 but since my husband had appendicitis, it made me feel paranoid that my children might have it too especially my 1yr old Angelo who enjoys walking during mealtime. Buying a high chair for him would lessen my worry and at the same time to gradually teach him control and to eat on his own.

I couldn't think any other thing to spend my first cash out from steemit better 😘

Just looking at the comfort it's giving to my baby and to myself makes me feel so grateful of steemit, for the people I've met here so far and most especially to @surpassinggoogle who never stopped thinking of how he could help us minnows!

Happy Mothers' Day and enjoy your Sunday!

I encourage everyone to vote Sir Terry or @surpassinggoogle as your witness! His kind and generous heart paired with his hardwork is a must in this blockchain!

I also voted for @curie @blockbrothers @blocktrades and @precise for their amazing works!! Just click this link
to cast your votes!!

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