#ulog #7 A tribute to my Father on Father's Day

in ulog •  last year 

Today is "Father's Day" celebration, but you are no longer here with me.
You were the one that bore my burden in times of distress
You provided my every need
I call you my hero
You are the wind beneath my wings
O father, the strongest of them all took you away from me.
Now I ask myself. What's left to say?
These broken pieces on the floor
I've been broken
I've been bending backwards till I'm broke

O this is father's day who do I wish again with smiles.on my face.
But the greatest reward is the love that I can given
I reach for you now, for as long as I live
You made me who I am.
Happy Father's Day
#ulog #ulogges @surpassinggoogle

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