#Ulog | #6 | Work, work and work

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This week feels like sticking my head below a towel. My whole body hurts and i feel pretty exhausted. Might get sick, but can't take off, need to pay my student bills to go on in my life.

Noah headless

Airdrops and Bounties

The weather is changing from day to day, which makes me upset. Right now, i'm looking up for new Airdrops and new bounties i can join in. Yes, the market is standing still or more or less going down, but still, what if some event will change the market in the other direction again. I don't mind spending some time everyday, getting me some sweet tokens as reward. It worked already with Shivom and hopefully with Smartcontainers, too. But right now, it is actually quite hard to find and project with a serious meaning or use case.

I signed up for at least 40 Airdrops and got paid out 4. Alax keeps strong, trying to make something happen in the gaming community. 0Chain has the biggest value per token in my payouts and to be honest, i missed my opportunity in that project.

Everything else

Everything goes slow, nothing is final and i get remembered about that fact. Still i am trying to get my head out of my ass and work hard on me.

If i don't trust in me, why should anybody else do?

Have a wonderful day my friends


It is really great post @harktheshark ,, it's very interesting

Get well soon!

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