#Ulog | #5 | Arranging and Sorting Stuff and Magic the Gathering

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First off all, let us talk about my new shoes, which i just bought a week ago! I never had lightweight shoes before and this shoes feel, like their name suggests (Cloudform, Adidas) , like clouds under your feet.


Getting things in order

I fixed a lot of things in the last 2 days. With the help of mirror tiles, i fixed the broken mirror of my closet , which stands next to our bed and was a bad view for some months now. Next in line was a broken light switch, which already smelled like burned plastic. At the end, it just took an hour of work and it felt so good, after it was done.

Arranging our cellar

We(maybe just me) used our cellar to park stuff there. The stock consisted of 2 bikes, which i just staked one on the other, a broken TV(just the power adapter is broken), brushes and half full bins of used and probably now unusable color, an uncountable amount of cardboard from H&M and Amazon, tools, flea market stuff(i will make some posts about that), doors(no clue where they are from), a BBQ Grill, Christmas decoration, broken Laptops and pots.

So i disposed the whole cardboard and other trash i found in that cellar. Then i bought a shelf, placed everything from heavy to lightweight to really heavy in it. Now i feel great, because we have way more space inside and can move the bikes solely around.

Magic the Gathering

2 hours from now, i will be sitting in the nerdy's to play some sealed magic in the Pre Release of M19 event. This event will be my first Pre Release and i'm pretty excited to play some magic again. I also bought a small collection, which i am going to talk about in the next days. Since Cake day is around, i will buy me one of those fancy Jace Spell Books and maybe, if everything works out good, an display of M19.