#Ulog | #2 | When your relation takes an bad turn

in #ulog3 years ago (edited)

So i have not been posting for awhile and there is a reason for it. Me and my girlfriend have serious issues which climaxed in the end of our happy times.

We decided to take an 4 day break, so we can take some time alone for my- and herself. I got serious trust issues because some events, where the truth is not really revealed yet or will ever be told. I feel a deep pain since months and it became deeper from week to week.

So right now, i am trying to figure out an solution for us or just me, because i am pretty unsure if i ever can overcome my trust issues and the fear of being cheated and played.

Anyway, here a homage of us, even though you don't read my blog, we did well and maybe we can reset some stuff.

Me and Kathrin


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