Responsible Parenthood awareness can be done in schools yet at the end of the day it boils down to a choice

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While I am writinh this post I am at the airport awaitingy departure trip to Camiguin.Yes instrad of cramming for an upcoming test I opted to do two volunteer work over the weekend and chose to take myself for three days two nights trip to city of fire.Yes others call it irresponsible yet this is my choice.And right or wrong Ill deal with the consequences along the way.

While waiting to be check in I saw many young travellers and the images of my last charity work kept popping on my head



Images as distrubing as a child bumped by a car and seeinh his legs bleed through the bandage or children with skn diseases that are to me gangrenous or underweight stunted kids for their sizes.Please see below pictures.If they dont disturb you as it did me maybe youd become so sensitized and to me that os troubling.As most of us go deaf , blind and mute to this problems as if they never existed


Yes ,we always have a choice .So ,while I ask myself if Id choose parenthood even if I cant provide them nutritious food ,healthcare,good education,home I guess I would always choose to be single as I am now.Not because I dislike motherhood but I cant bear in my conscience the misery I welcome my child with
I always said love is measured by time.And because I love servicing others I make time despite my hectic schedule.I make time to have coffee with friends and take myself to much needed pampering trip.

But also,I am a firm believer that we need to provide for the ones we love hence comes thw money management.We might not been born to wealthy parents but I will not have my children watch while their stomach gargles as they watch other kids takes a bite into that deliscious chicken,and id rather they give out their toys and clothes than get hand down.IMG20180602120934.jpg


My heart just breaks when I saw three late attendeed they were soaked in rainand they had to wrap their arm across their chest and snuggle theor fingers below their armpit.I gave them bread.They didny join in any game maybe because they were ashamed to get others wet.While others feast on the foods they gently ask me if they can take out the food.I was imagining they want to share it with others who didnt attend or planning to stretch it few more days.I amost wept.No kid should be in this spot.
I dont know there stories to make judgement of their parents.My only wish is if one becomes a parent may he or she loved his descendanys so much to work hard to make their lives far better than what they are accustomed to.
There is divinity in every face so to see how they suffer I really cant just turn my back because of an exam that means the world to me.Same as a I cant say no to nature calling me to relax and let God make true his plans for me.
People ask me why I study Deutsch.Simple.I want to earn more so I can give more.I want to give these kids opportunities they missed because of poverty .Sure poverty is no obstacle to a willing heart but lets face it ,much success of those impoverished are also due to its generous benefactos.I want to have more so I can give more.I need to be healthy and to rememeber why I go through all the trouble of after work class when I can just as easy blame it all on the governnment or on badluck.I have a choice and I am owning it up and allowing God to be in complete control.My time my choice.And to me service to othrts has been good investment of my time.Finite as it is

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If more of us care, we can really make an impact on kids in poverty.

Big Blessing to all those helping the kids!!