How to price "sentimental value"

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Astrid Yrigollen once said, 'You can't put a price on a sentimental value.'True indeed for the past three days I had been searching high and low iny workplace,home,language school and even the caffe where I study in hopes of finding that jacket above.

Other than its Levi's,an expensive brand at that this is priceless to me for its "sentimental value"term not understood by many I suppose who takes things not of their own

YES my heart is sad.Because it was not just a jacket thats pricey but a jacket that I love the most.Deutsch word for favorite is "leiblingkleidung"but to me it was more than than. It was a reminder of the many happy trips I had with friends and family.Hence it was priceless .

While it is customary for many Filipinos to keep their "favorite " for special ocassions I on the other hand use them often.Last time I use this jacket was for a birthday party of my colleague last June 30 and I can no longer recall how I lost it.Yeah I know I should let go but mind you how many times I ruminated on regret .Its unhealthy I bet but there were many parts of me that wished I did differently so I wont lose it

Indeed ones attachment to people or thingsndo cause one suffering.For days now I had been beatinb myself up.I shoild have been more careful or I should not be too complacent leaving it in public ,shouldnt have slept on public jeepney ,should have bigger bag and the list goes on.
I really apologized ranting here but right now my heart just breaking.I know not everyone will understand sentimental value as others are quick to trade their staff or donate for a new one.As much as I am into charity I find it hard to let go of things that I associate with a particular timeline.This brings me to think I need tl reread the book "100pieces of me".To those who read that book youd understand why this jacket is a reflection of me

Bye jacket I hope whoever finds you cares for you and finds you cozy and warm as I did.This is me penning my heartaches hoping the scribbles will fade the longing,regret and the pain of losing something priceless to mw but what to others is a replaceable generic thing

Till next post,

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I know I had been to the same situation. I lost a lot of items with sentimental value. Time will heal ..

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