Celebrating the concept "no one fights alone the big C"in its 2nd year in Everlasting Hope

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"The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty"Mother Theresa.

" Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness"Desmond Tutu

Hi Folks,

Happy Monday everyone,despite the cliche "Monday Blues " I hope you were enthusiastic about going about with your business.If not,I hope at the end of this article youd feel renewed zest for life in all its complexities.IMG_20180709_140411.jpg

Last week,together with my fellow Steemians we visited a center that supports children with the big C.The place ia a bit hard to find so much so one of our colleague got lost while us have to grab a taxi to arrive there without unnecessary stress.Its in a quite residential place at address indicated below just in case you wish to volunteer your time or better yet donate something:

Topaz St. Francisca village, 6th street. Happy valley , 6000 Guadalupe, Cebu city

As best depicted in the first picture its goal is to never let a kid or his/her family fight alone this terrible illness pandemic ,expensive and cruel as it is .They mostly run on generous donations and to my mind is comparable to missionary work.As one is given a herculean task that demand the best of everyone.Here in this center Hope isnt just a name of an instituition but a virtue everyone in this mission must resonate
On a personal note,surviving Typhoon Yolanda and a bad kidney Id say for all you ever loved youd have to have hope that youll be able to overcome whatever trouble that comes your way.In this regard,I owe it to the many people in my life my existence as there were many instances I almost give up on myself.So this is my way of paying it forward.I wish to show others that we cannot eliminate what ills the world yet together we can make it worth living for.So,if you notice I tried ro capture here the spirit of teamwork ,of gratefulnes and beauty of the human spirit amidst its difficulties.IMG_20180709_135327.jpg

As you know kids have short attention span.For them to do the clay modelling,hand painting,card making it must be a fun activity for them to try and encourage others to do the same.I wish cancer is fun but its not yet I hope short as it is each kid know they are not alone when they see fellow kids with their disease .I bet it will be struggle at start to get used to lifestyle changes but with encouragement I hope they cope better.
Parents and family also benefit from being able to share their experiences.So seeing them put all their creative talent to good use makes me hoepful they wont cave in to depression among other.My heart just crush when I hear of the drastic means some parents do to cope with the challenges. Often thab not leading to break uo of the the family which is contrary to what the patient would most need during the treatment.I pray they find a hobby( like artwork ) to channel all those negative vibes.IMG_20180709_143217.jpg

YES , cancer claim lives ,leave us frail and hairless,and suck up our time and monetary resources but it cant stop us from what makes us human.Across this article youd see equally talented cancer striken children sharinhg laughter,playing,creating something from imagination I almost was tearry eyed. IMG_20180709_151137.jpg

Sure their capacity to do the usual stuff for their age would decrease at some point yet they continue to be the siblings,sons,daughter,a family relative and a friend to someone.As such irregardless of the quality of their work or the time spent on it to me theyre priceless.I am happy that in my own way I spread love to these young ones .I am pretty sure others felt same.

I saw people of various personality offer time and their own talent to make this event a big success.If that doesnt move you I dont know what would.
Its a good thing we arent all alike so there is a big chance of its cure being found and for alternative therapy to be conceptualized.Just recently in my German class I watched the true to life story of Dr Patch Adam who in his Gesundheit center treat people with cancer etc for free without needing for medical insurance to cover them against law suits.In his "Gesundheit "Deutsch word for wellness they apply personalize treatment with compassion,empathy and good laugh.So who knows what this art , soulful music and spontaneous laughter do to cancer.

Like in that movie I bet the founders of this Everllasting Hope faced a lot of oppositions.Yet as in my experiment ,always big leaps are from small steps and droplets makes an ocean as proverb say.

In my experiement unbeknown to the celebrants @jessennessaj and @purpletanzanite who donated much to the event them enjoying the act of blowing bubbles also encouraged others to do the same.Our historical timeline are great witnesses of this trickle effect.Their is the French and Edsa Revolution as well as the movements og Mandela and Martin Luther King.All in the hopes of a better situation and bravely accomplished never alone but with others who share the vision.

So in closing,while we fear the separation caused by death let us not desensitized ourselves from their plight.Rather,we should create awareness so that we can alleviate whatever sufferings they are in.In this life much can be done with love and lots of hope in our heart.Death is our finality but if we choose it will never define how we live for ourselves of for others.

Wonderful memories like this are untouchable to cancer.I hope you gather as much as you age.To end let me borrow the words of Sturrt Scot when he said "you beat cancer by how you live,why you live and in the manner which you live"So for me I opt to invest my time on similar activities as theyre good for my psyche,choose healthier lifestyle and to view cancer not as a terminal end but rather a new beginning to a much better person.

PS.Enjoy the video.

SSShoutout to my fellow Steemians who were with me @iamqueenlevita @fernwhenninja @cheft. Thanks for a very enjoyable weekend xoxox

Till next post,

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More Power!

what good service and dedication I love what they do, greetings and many blessings

I'm happy and honored to be there. Thank you guys for the sweet celebration. It was a fun day! :)