ULOG 02: Lumad Native Restaurant

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It was Monday afternoon when my sister Gladys decided that we will be having our lunch at the restaurant. We both woke up late, at around 10:30 am and my sister at 11:00 am. So we had our late breakfast and just decided to go out and eat our late lunch. we arrived there at around 2 pm.



Lumad Native Restaurant is just near where we live. Just 5 minutes away from home when riding a jeepney. It is her first time to eat there, and me it was my 3rd time! ^____^ I can really recommend the place or let me say the restaurant. Because the restaurant has a friendly ambiance unlike other native restaurant that we used to know. Lumad Native Restaurant has a playground where the kids can play. They also have WIFI connection where we can access to our social media accounts and surf in the internet. And they have delicious food the reason why I keep on coming back to that restaurant. ^____^ well, the food are kinda pricey, but it was all worth the price. ^____^ especially their “sinigang na baboy”. We we’re also surprised how they served the fried chicken. Hahaha we really thought it was sliced into pieces, but we were wrong. T’was deep fried the whole half chicken! Hahaha and yes! It is so crispy and yummy! ^___^ they have a lot to offer you in their menu and trust me they are worth the price! ;)




So, the food has been served! Let’s eat! ^______^



We enjoyed our lunch there as well as the kids enjoying the playground. ;)


Thanks for dropping by and see you on my next post! ;)




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