ULOG 01: how we eat balut ^_^

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Hello steemians! I started here last Feb. 2018. This will be my first post with ULOG. hehehe So my first ULOG will be about what we are doing when i am with my friend's house. hahaha

Every time i visit my friend Dhiana, we always have that so called midnight snack. hahaha we always have "balut".

This has been our bonding time! Eating! hahaha you might want to watch how we enjoyed our eating. ^___^

"Balut" - is a duck egg with an embryo. Boiled and eaten in the shell while it's warm. It is a street food that roam by vendors at night, some vendors have their own stalls at the street.

[Photo is mine]

[Photo is mine]

"Balut" has also health benefits...

Now, here are the reasons why you should eat the said stated food. A serve of balut contains the following nutrients:

1.) It contains 188 calories. Calories help the boost its energy. And these energy is consumed during working of the bodies, to our cells to keep it alive and to the functioning of our internal organs.

2.) It has proteins which are significant building blocks in repairing and building the tissues of our body and other parts of our body like the bones, muscles, skin, blood and cartilages.

3.) The balut has 2 milligrams of Iron. Iron helps the circulation of our blood.

4.) It has 116 milligrams Calcium wherein the Calcium helps strengthen teeth and bones and serves as protection against osteoporosis and cancer.

Source of the benefits: [(https://philnews.ph/2017/04/20/balut-health-benefits-reasons-eat/)]



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I love balut, hope you enjoy yours too.

^^ yeah... we enjoyed eating balut. ^^

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