Ulog #1: My daily dose of knowledge.

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Hi steemians, good day! This is my first ulog. Please enjoy in reading it. Thank you :)

Before I take the board exam, I take my daily dose of engineering knowledge everyday :D Haha, sounds cool! But by the way, taking a review is important for those who will be taking the Licensure Exam. Since engineering is a 5year course, after graduating we tend to forget our subjects in the first year, second year and maybe until fifth year. Its because our attention is pre occupied by other things maybe. Review classes brings back those ideas that we learned the past years. It also teaches us shortcuts and the basic concepts of each subjects or topics.

And.. Back to my story :) Everyday, I go to the review center early so I can study and answer my take home exams which will be checked the next day. I go there early because I cant study in focus in our house because of the interference and interruption of my family :D haha. I just want to avoid household chores, hahaha.

So today we discussed about PROBABILTY in mathematics. For me, probability is the hardest topic in mathematics. Asking why? Because there is no definite formula in finding the probability of an event to occur.

So the discussion goes on, until me and my classmates gets bored. We opened our phones and played basketball and soccer game in the messenger.


There is a funny name of a formula in probabilty which is hard to analize. It is the POISSONS FORMULA which really poisons your brain until you got a nervous breakdown. But I need to analyze it though because it may come out in the board exam.


That's all for my ULOG #1. This will not be my last Ulog so stay tuned for more funny and interesting things on my everyday dose of knowledge.

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