My God, who hates 3M so strongly?

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My God, who hates 3M so strongly?


I am so shocked to see all my blogs are blocked only because I posted my 3M BSC certificate here!

I really can't understand such kind of extreme reaction...

Too shocked! 3M BSC is helping people from all over the world earn more money, how and why those bloody people fear it so much? Only because 3M knows their secret of how they earn a lot of money, being the top of the financial pyramid?

So funny, only because I got my 3MBSC certificate, which proves that I am just an expert of 3M, they hate me so much, OK?

Let the storm come stronger! But nobody can prevent the arrival of a brand-new world!

Technology is the first productivity! Technology must change the world! Let's wait and see, my haters!

The great blockchain smart contract technology is born to the throne!

Long live Mavrodi! Long live the great Mavrodi ideology and Blockchain smart contract like the 2 nuclear weapons of revolution, which make a formidable combinition!

P.S. Thanks to the great Blockchain Smart Contract! Even if all my blogs are blocked here, the data of the underlying technology still remains intact!

All my dear international friends, you can still read all my steemit blogs perfectly by visiting another website

In fact, anyone can build such a new kind of reading website!

I wish that this can help you understand how Blockchain Smart Contract works better!

Thank you for visiting my blog so much!