3MBSC Mavro Basic Course Graduation Speech

in #uloglast year (edited)

3MBSC Mavro Basic Course Graduation Speechinbound1001483080.jpg

Hello, dear teachers and friends:

I am a trainee of the 3th batch Mavro Basic Class of 3MBSC International Academy. My name is Gina Fraser from China. Before joining 3MBSC, I have been an old 3M member and a Mavrodi believer. I've also learned 3M financial apocalypse and ideology for a long time.

Through this 5-day focused training, I not only reviewed the operation process of the 3MBSC blockchain smart contract system, but also learned the advanced concept and methods of digital marketing through the internet and social media, and I got the chance of zero-distance communication with 3MBSC members and teachers from other countries, (such as India, Nigeria, Peru, etc.) which made me become more confident: 3M financial apocalypse is inevitable, let's change the world together and break away from the modern financial slavery led by the Federal Reserve.

3MBSC is the first decentralized 3M system in the world, running on a blockchain smart contract. There is no artificial manipulation here. Nobody including the initiator team, can tamper with the data. Everything is fair, unmodified and transparent.

3MBSC is a technological revolution combined with financial revolutionary! We can proudly say: Everything is dim, only you are brilliant-3MBSC! 3MBSC must win!

Dear friends, I'm looking forward to your early arrival on the 3MBSC international community! Mavrodians from all over the world unite!

Thank you all! I love you!