ULOG # 5 Monday Again

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Well this week started out real bad for me, I couldn't sleep at all last night so I played slotomania on Facebook until 05:30 am and then was at last able to fall asleep, unfortunately I was awake at 06:15 so I only sleep less than 45 minutes.

Then I got up and checked the crypto prices on coinmarketcap and they are still down, Steem's price is quite discouraging and only the certainty that it will sometime hopefully soon go sky high makes us keep posting here. Yes, I will keep posting it has become a habit anyway and now I am posting even more because I also post at Weku and Whaleshares so I am really using my brain to its limit just thinking about what to post.

But I still went out for my walk, and it really got hot, I mean just thinking I was going out in that sun made me sweat, the temperature was about 33 degrees Celsius, but the real feel is about 40 and with the tropical sun we have here it hits you real hard.

So this post will be about the weather, right now it is 15:00 and a drizzle is falling, still hot though, and now I am a little worried because there is a hurricane in the Atlantic that if it keeps up has the possibility of hitting us somewhere around Sunday. I have been through three hurricanes, Hattie in 1961, Fifi in 1974 and Mitch in 1998. Of course these are the big ones, we have been hit by other hurricanes but they were not too strong.


Isaac is the one that could reach us, it is still a long way off, but really I would rather it fizzled out where it is right now, a hurricane could be catastrophic, I remember Fifi I lived that one out on Utila which is an island, and it hit there with full force I mean the wind sounded like a train was passing right out of the window.

The yellow X is a depression, it is close to us but it is moving north, probably the rain we have had is because of it, but it poses no threat to us as it is moving away.

Well this Ulog became more of a history and a prediction post but I guess I did want you to know about this.

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