My Ulog.... Thursdays are for CDS

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You might be wondering what CDS means, well it's a clarion's call. CDS stands for community develop scheme. Its a compulsory exercise that must be carried out through out the service year.
The service year refers to a one year exercise where one is posted to any part of the country to serve. Its a service to humanity.

So today I set out early for my CDS this Thursday, it usually starts by 9am and ends by 12pm but I usually go there late. But today is different, I set out earlier by 8am because I will be the one speaking and coordinating the Cds. Service to humanity they say..


I got there before every single person, and I had to wait patiently for them to arrive, I also had to spend time arranging the chairs others will sit on. It gave me time to omo reflect on myself and this life, the invisible forces that makes things happen. Like normally I just come to sit and leave, I don't care who brings the chair and who packs after we leave.

So later on people started to come around and we started the program by 9:45am. After the anthems and the opening prayers we spoke about other pressing issues like the motherless babies we want to visit, the twins that lost their mum at birth and encourage others to engage in service to humanity.

After spending about one hour and half it was time to leave, we said a closing prayer and we all dispersed to see again next week...
Now I need to run along and get lunch

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