#ULOG 814 - Daily Thoughts - 31 Aug 19 - Homesteading Today...

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Good Morning, Steemians! :D

Last Nights Sunset 1. :D

Last Nights Sunset 2. :D

Last Nights Sunset 3. :D

Last Nights Sunset 4. :D

Last Nights Sunset 5. :D

Last Nights Sunset 6. :D

Last Nights Sunset 7. :D

Last Nights Sunset 8. :D

Last Nights Sunset 9. :D

Last Nights Sunset 10. :D

A beautiful blue sky here this morning. :D

We’re supposed to get more rain sometime today, but you wouldn’t know it by the sunshine that’s out there right now. :D

The trees are changing colours already. :D

A few crows hanging out in the cow babies favourite tree in the main pasture. :D

I love to watch their reactions when Red and the ladies realize there’s something extra out in their run as a treat, they always seem so excited when they see whatever it is I happen to bring out with me, usually leftovers from supper the night before or earlier in the week. :D

Mittens is a messy eater, she always goes for the eggs first and gets food all over her snout, but Molly tries her best to eat in a neat and orderly fashion, she gets a drink first and then goes for the oatmeal, its fun to watch them while they enjoy their breakfast. :D

The herd enjoying their mid-morning snack in the main pasture. :D

Molly was the first one to get her scratches this morning. :D

Mittens wasn’t far behind though and Molly decided that since Mittens was getting a good scratching in, she would try to sneak under my arm and get a bit of extra scratches at the same time. :D

They were both quite content by the time I finished with all the scratching. :D

After it rained on and off throughout the evening and night our pond is still low, so it must not have rained as heavily as it sounded like it did last night, the frogs didn’t seem to care though. :D

Our dapper puppy dad Dakota watching a butterfly, not sure if he was going to try to catch it or was just fascinated by the way it fluttered around in the dog run, but he stared at it for quite some time. :D

Our pretty puppy mom Karma keeping cool under the front steps. :D

Our beautiful grand-puppy Mya peeking at her pretty mom Karma. :D

Our lovely grand-puppy Lady and her handsome brother Tiny napping beside me while we all enjoyed a bit of sunshine. :D

I went out a bit early to feed our pretty piglets and put the chickens to bed because my handsome husband and I were going into town to see a movie. :D While I was out in the barn, Mittens tried to climb up her stall wall for some love, so I had to give her a nose rub before I could leave. :D

Look at that face, who could resist giving Mittens a bit of love, not me, that’s for sure. :D

I’m a bit bummed that I missed tonight’s sunset, but my handsome husband took me to go see the new Gerard Butler/Morgan Freeman film Angel Has Fallen at our Atlantic Cinemas movie theatre in town tonight. :D It was a pretty good movie, a few predictable parts, but overall very enjoyable and action packed. :D

Well that was our day here. How is/was yours? I hope you have/had an awesome day! :D

Anyone else interested in a badge like this? Contact @daddykirbs for a custom badge of your own. :D Thank you to @zainenn for the GHSC footer as well. :D
(All photos taken by me or for me by my handsome husband on my Huawei P30 Lite.)

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