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Good Morning, Steemians! :D

It’s a chilly 9 C right now, which is still nice, just a bit cool after waking up to 15-20 C temperatures the last few weeks, but we’ve also got a beautiful, blue sunshine-filled sky this morning on the homestead, YAY! :D

Breakfast time for Candy (1), Buddy (2), Joker (3), Princess (4), Leroy (5), and Belle (6). :D Princess and Belle went for a cold beverage and Leroy went for a warm one. :D

Billy (1) and Joel (2) enjoying their breakfast. :D

Belle (1), Candy (2), Princess (3), Leroy (4), Buddy (5), and Joker (6) going for a walk to find their perfect mid-morning nap spot. :D

Our handsome grand-puppies Tiny (1) and Shadow (3) enjoying some father-son bonding time with their dapper dad Dakota on the front steps. :D

The always pretty Karma settling down for a nap just before lunch. :D

I got to enjoy some time playing my favorite Blizzard Game, World of Warcraft (WoW) today. Here I am, lost but making good time, on my way to a quest (okay to be totally honest I never got to my destination and had to use a hearth stone (basically a stone that brings your character back to whichever inn or garrison you set) to get me out of there, LOL). :D Being direction-ally challenged is horrendous, there are so many quests I’d like to get completed but can’t find, eventually though I’ll find those places by accident while looking for others so its all good. :D I love the graphics and artistry of this expansion, each expansion it gets even better, look at the rain falling in the game here. :D

Poor Belle, she’s so used to my handsome husband and our son putting the treats they bring home for the herd, (chickens, and pigs get their's in their run and pen, respectively) but the herd's normally go here (arrow) by the chicken coop, that she headed for that spot as soon as she heard the truck coming. :D I tried to tell her that she needed to go into the main pasture because that’s where our son delivered the cucumbers this afternoon (the whole herd loves cucumbers), but she didn’t believe me and had to come check for herself. :D

Leroy (1), Princess (2), Joker (3), and Candy (4) enjoying the cucumbers our son delivered to them after work today. :D

Belle (2) heading up to the front pasture while our puppy mom Karma (4) and our grand-puppies Mya (1), Tiny (3), Lady (5), and Shadow (6) ran beside her, at least until Shadow noticed me, then he headed straight for his grandma, he loves me to death, sweet boy. :D

Here they are resting once Belle got there, at least until they noticed Candy (background), coming up towards the front pasture too. :D

Candy (1), Princess (2), and Leroy (3) joined Belle for their pre-supper nap in the front pasture. :D

Joker (2) and Buddy (3) have arrived to enjoy another meal with Belle and the rest of the herd in the front pasture. :D

Sunset 1.

Sunset 2.

Sunset 3.

Sunset 4.

Sunset 5.

Sunset 6.

Sunset 7.

Sunset 8.

Sunset 9.

Sunset 10.

Sunset 11.

Sunset 12.
Well that was our day here. How is/was yours? I hope you have/had an awesome day! :D

Anyone else interested in a badge like this? Contact @daddykirbs for a custom badge of your own. :D

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