Ulog 2:My not so perfect sketch.

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Today have been a very interesting day for me, it rained all day, I couldn’t go out but I did what I know what to do best sketches. I made a not so perfect sketch of an eye and I thought of highlighting pains from the eyes and so I added fingers coming out and trying to draw the eyes down, experiencing pain.so I decided to share it with Uloggers here on #ulog. Hope you like my not so perfect eye sketch.

Eyes they say are the windows to the soul,tears are genuine feeling of emotions weather good or bad it comes from the within. But it hurts all the same. It feels like being porked in the eye.

For every tear there is an emotion, for every emotion there was a situation.

The making process




Thanks for viewing. Tomorrow is another day, new opportunities and another sketch.

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Thanks guys , Keep the fire burning🔥, steem on.


That photo looks familiar. Good job! That's a nice take to it. That photo makes one uncomfortable though lol!

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