Ulog 12 | My promotion and event tomorrow

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You will remember us!

An event that gathered 30,000+ engagement on fb will take place tom! This is my group my family of expressive individuals the reason im on steemit and the very reason im promoting steemit @slothicorn and onosocial.


Tomorrow I'll be taking videos and will upload testimonials of those artists as well as audience about #promo-steem and about your tremendous help to our group and me. Thank you so much @starkerz @anarcotech @cryptocurator!





Looking forward to play your music on this event! Ill also capture it on video so that you can use it to promote your music! Thank you very much for your support!

@hyperfundit @hyperfundit.com

Thank you for helping me with my campaign well make sure every help and donation is worth it. Please watch my future uploads as ill mention all my supporters as well as your platform.

@slothicorn @juliakponsford @onosocial @stellabelle

It's a shame that the release date for ono was moved cos i had actually scheduled this event in order to help increase adoption to it.

I'll be organizing another event next month july 21 with the biggest art group in the country inside a museum! I wish i can help your movement @stellabelle.


Thank you so much for guiding me! Your replies to my questions as well as your amazing projects like #ulog #steemgigs #teardrops are giving me fuel to get better as a promoter and ambassador from the Philippines.


Thank you always for your support @cryptocurator!

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