Ulog 11 | A week without steemit

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"I need to be a better promoter"

@surpassinggoogle made me realize something very important last time we had the tome to talk.

His advice had led me to reallign everything in my life as a steem-ambassador from the philippines.


I wanted to help artists from my country to discover blockchain technology and earn from it. I recently contacted @onosocial @juliakponsford to be part of their discord and telegram.

  • this will help me to understand their goal and purpose better and have a taste of what kind the ono community is. People stay in a platform because of the community.


Seminars and networking!

I'll be living in a friends condo in Makati Manila for a week or two and all well be doing is connect with great people that can help steemit grow faster so that i can reach more artist.

If you're not busy we can hang out! I'm excited to meet fellow steemians in manila.



What I'm up to lately?

I'm helping my girlfriend promote her artworks and also with logistics as she is an ofw teacher in thailand.

I really wish her art business will take off as this will mean that she wont have to work outside the country to support her family. It will also mean more time for me.


Good luck with all your plans. Indeed, promotion is one big factor in showcasing our talents and skills. We should do whatever it takes to promote steemit and the benefits of it. We should not tire in teaching others especially those who show real interest in doing all the works steeming needs.

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There are a lot of artists that needed support for their artworks. I really need to reach them

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