Ulog 10 | Meetup/Seminar with the biggest art group in Pampanga

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"Art is too important not to share - Romero Britto"

  What's more important than sharing art is to help those artists earn while sharing their art! This is my goal as a #promo-steem ambassador and supporter of @slothicorn & @onosocial. I believe artists should focus on their arts and not be a businessman.

  Nowadays the only way for an artist to earn is to sell their artworks and/or services but the problem for me is most artists are not skilled in selling, marketing and PR. 

@slothicorn and @onosocial will change the world for artists!

  Just the idea of posting your artworks and earning from it creates a huge lifestyle change for all artists around the world especially from a third world country! @slothicorn from steemit is one of the best pilot program for this kind of movement and they proved to be needed by its community that's why I'm tirelessly promoting it by doing seminars and events in my city! 

  @onosocial is like the new social media platform for artists! I'm excited as how this will turn out!

Seminar Date: July 7, 2018

  Admins of GUHIT PINAS PAMPANGA are excited for this seminar and so do I. This will help me create trust for my future seminars inviting different disciplines of art to the platform

Imagine how many we can invite?

  If successful GPP have more than 100,000 reach on their social media and that is a sizable followers to share the great news of @slothicorn and @onosocial.

What's next?

  As I've shared before the only way steemit can become the next social media boom is to invite different communities to the platform and then teach them how they can help each other. I started with gathering trust in my promotions by conducting a seminar with the government. 

  I plan to invite different communities of arts here on steemit. I'tll be a huge amount of work but it feels great to share a blessing like this platform.

Who helped me?

  My biggest supporter is my partner @loujae-creations she make sure I dont forget why I help artists. And my mentor in steemit and life @surpassinggoogle he made sure that I strive to be a better person each day and one of his projects made sure I stay accountable on myself each day by doing @ulogs.

Last comments:

  I will continue on this path for the next 3-4 months willing to travel around my country to share my knowledge of the platform and especially to inspire artists to join steemit @slothicorn and @onosocial!

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