Ulog 08 | Seminar with art groups

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 “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso” 

  If you're an artist the only way for you to earn money is to sell whether online or offline however you do it, it still involves selling and I've met multiple artists and they're not a salesman and frankly most of them dont want to be one. 

  That's why the idea of earning online just by sharing your artworks made so much sense to me especially when I saw @slothicorn and now @onosocial both by @stellabelle! With your permission I'd love to promote ONO and slothicorn to my upcoming seminars with art groups in the Philippines.

"We can help artists from a third world country"

  Steemit is amazing but its only because of projects thats helping different communities and I believe this is the only way to promote steemit properly. It's to show them how different projects/groups can help them to continue doing their passion.

  I have already invited few artists here on steemit and because of that I recently did a seminar with the government showing each artist a new way to earn money online. It was so successful I can now ask our own Department of trade and Industry to conduct the same seminar with the biggest entrepreneurs in my city. With the help of @tpkidkai @steemitph and @surpassinggoogle I think it'll be a huge success for steemit in my country.

Guhit Pinas Pampanga (3000+ members) 

  I am still learning about @onosocial but so far Im already excited about it! @stellabelle with your help Im sure we can help a lot of talented artists! 

  The goal is to get talented artists sign up Steemit and Ono and to participate in @slothicorn.

I messaged all art groups along with their admins.

This is the admin from Guhit Pinas Pampanga.

Last comments:

  I believe artists need to focus more on their artworks and not think about how to sell them. Guhit Pinas Pampanga is only 300+ members now but Guhit Pinas is known to have 100,000+ members and imagine if all of them hears about steemit and ono as well as @slothicorn.


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