Ulog 07 | My promotions to DTI

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"Successful promotions is all about trust"

  With all the noise created by different social media compounded with advertisements from huge companies, how would you stand-out? To make things even worse, in our country there are a lot of news about scam, you can also see them on fb and other social media.

  Steemit is a blessing but it's a bit tricky whenever you try to explain it to someone else. You can start by explaining the blockchain technology (most have no clue and thinks its a scam cos of FUD) , maybe start with how steemit earns and how you earn (which is a relatively new way) or you can also show them different contests and projects that are currently giving users $ whenever they engage and create posts, however you decide to do it there's still reluctance why?

"People are afraid to try new things"

  There's a reasonable psychology behind this statement and this is the main reason behind all the resistance from each new invite thats why Im creating these seminars with the help of the government.

  The goal is to get trust with my promotions by showing my invites that even the government supports steemit.

How I did it? 

  Apart from my events, Im first a businessman and Im part of our city chambers of commerce. 

  With this I can ask for an audience with the biggest entrepreneurs in my city.

  Im also the youngest member of the chamber.

My email to the City mayor and DTI Director

Last comments:

Everything is working as planned. I am excited to do this with @tpkidkai and/or @steemitph @grazz if there's anyone willing to help me please comment below. @surpassinggoogle thank you so much for your advice!


Well done! Let me know where I can help. I am a couple of hours drive away from Angeles. Just let me know when. I am okay to present when finalized.

Sabit din ako dito sir Red! We will meet again in person! Woohoo can't wait on that sana maging okay ang schedule.

Thank you for your support! Maybe we can divide the topics? I have 2 in mind at the moment.

  1. For individual
  2. For business investors

Where can i reach you better? @steemitph

@tpkidkai im excited too lets create history

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