#Ulog #1 "I'm having a Twin Babies"

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)

I can't believe it..!!!!!!
Same as my Obgne, she can't believe it too, that I'm having twins.

Last March 26th, I had my first checkup with my Obgyne and they saw "only one baby" that time.
That month, we are just expecting of one baby, just the usual pregnancy.

But, wait,, how did it happen, that I had twins???

Actually, I don't know either.

Last April 30th, I went to my Obgyne for my second check-up, because it should be monthly.
At first, the secretary check the heartbeat of my baby and she found it on the right side of my womb, and here comes the Obgyne checked my baby's heartbeat and she found it on the left side of my womb....
"It's weird," I thought. I was thinking that maybe my baby jumps from right to left,hehe..
But, I didn't tell the Obgyne because I thought maybe it's normal.

While they are checking my baby(that was on the left), the Obgyne suddenly pulled the machine for the ultrasound (i don't know what exactly it is, but I hope you understand) and then we saw one head of another baby on the right!!!

The Obgyne, her assistants and of course me and my husband were surprised and it was like we are just dreaming that time. A beautiful dream..

But, we are not dreaming, it's real..
We are really having twins...

photo is mine

Here they are..!
Their first pictures..

I can't imagine how blessed I am to have a gift like this..
I sometimes ask myself, "what did I do, to receive this very precious gifts from Jehovah God?

Whatever the reason is, My husband and I can't explain and compare how happy we are now.
All we know, is we need to take care of our babies and nurture them, most especially to pray to Jehovah God always that they develop well and to protect and take care of them inside my womb..

Thank you, Jehovah.!

Thank you too to my sister @shula14 and my friends @iyanpol12, @jetskie, @jysui,@el-dee-are-es, @sisonengg
@shawmeow, @juwel, @jannie98, @sn0white, @yadah04, @cutirenskei, @saskia @dunkman
@manilyn09, @maki07, @atongis and most of all @surpassinggoogle.

Thank you for checking my posts.
Receive my warm Christian love @surpassinggoogle and to show how grateful I am to his kindness and generosity I would like to promote him as a witness by voting him at https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in"steemgigs" at the first search box and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.
Thank you so much to all of you.:)



I am also amazed when I heard it from shula..hehe.. What a blessing from Jah. Don't stress too much :)

Super happy din Po kami ate at di halos makapanmatalek nung una..

Congratulations to both of you ate @franbel 😃 truly a blessing from Jehovah! 😊

Thank you so much...
Oo talagang blessing sila sa amin Ni kuya mo..

Nakakahappy naman yang news na yan sis. Real blessing from Jah! Worth some @teardrops!

Pwede ko alagaan yung isa paglabas ha.

Congratulations for this wonderful gift from Jehovah.

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