ULOG 28: Freewrite Day 345 Come Together - After the Fork

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It’s been a rough week on steemit. This fork thing was a nightmare. I never understood a word about it in the many, many months before it came, and I sure did not understand it when it happened in such a way that NO ONE COULD POST for a week.

Steemit is divided into the people who understand the guts of this complicated maze, and the rest of us who are just trying to hang on and post. But this week it seemed like no one had a clue. Hopefully it is all good now, but I am never a good judge of what happens here.

Recently a fellow weight loss coach came in because she saw my steemit weight loss posts that I share on fb pages and groups. I did not recruit her. I stopped that many months ago when everyone I pulled in here left mad.

This lady liked the way my posts looked and after a few weeks of waiting, her account got approved and she started to post. She wasn’t here for sbd or steem, she just wanted to have well-formatted posts to share on her fb pages.

Her poor timing meant she got to see us go down twice. First for the one day and then for the week. She made her exit mid-week and I do not think she will try again.

The whales rejoice! They are thankful another minnow flopped down and died. They don’t care if we all leave! They think we should! We are all potential reward pool rapists and should not be here anyway. Steemit is not a place for posting. Go to other places like esteem, ulogs, busy, and dtube and hope they don’t cut and run like dlive did!

I read a lot of posts this week that talked about this off week being a good thing since it would get rid of those who are not worthy of the place or farsighted enough to see the potential. The growth in number of users does not seem to be important and a big shrinkage is just fine for all those big fish. Getting rid of the riff-raff is a good result of this fork.

Yup. I'm still here anyway and I will keep on keeping on. People hate me for many reasons, and the whales don't even know me, so I don't care unless they decide to come and kill me with flags.

Yes, “come together.” That is what we all need to do. But who is “we”, and where should we be if we do come together?

My post is for the #freewrite daily challenge by @mariannewest. Freewrite is a great way to post on steemit when you do not think you have the time, or talent, or anything to say. I know you can do this too! Here is Marianne’s freewrite prompt post for today. Give it a try and surprise yourself.

Before and after later that same life fitinfun.jpg

If you are desperate to lose weight and don't think you can, I want to hear from you.

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The fork nightmare 😂😂


lol - I feel lost but not knocked to the ground :)


We are strong woman we Will rise always

It feels good to read your blog again @fitinfun. Glad you are back. I suppose I will be here as long as I can post and interact with people, especially people like you.


Aw! I'm so glad to see you too, @reonlouw! I guess we will soon see who returns or not. This was a minnow-killer for sure. I'm going to be looking and penguinpablo and arcange reports with great interest to see how much permanent damage is done. Who knows - maybe it will be good for those of us who survive. I hope so anyway, and may we please be stable now?!

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Thanks for the post. I am always interested losing weight. I love what you said.


Thank you so much! I just wrote another post you might like on a similar topic. I lived in Denver for a while. Such a pretty state you are in :)


Thank you I love Colorado.

Quite difficult times. I'm not very knowledgeable in technical matters myself, but the whole HF thing looked amateurish.
Anyway, I'm here to deliver the new prompt and get you writing:

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