Ulog: 10-11-2018, Working on a weekend (Saturday is ON)

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Hello everyone,

Its very joyful have a weekend after a tired working week. But when your boss say that "No off on this Saturday". This is a very disappointing situation. Today is Saturday and mostly its and off day for us but we are sitting in our office today due to heavy work load and peak working in our department. Some of the reasons also includes the protest in last week in Pakistan. We have observed two extra holidays in last weekend i.e. Thursday and Saturday, but due to protest and roads blockage outside we have to stay at our homes in order to stay safe. Its a very sad situation sitting in office and doing work on Saturday. Anyways; we are here to work so we have to meet the deadline. Stay blessed and keep calm. May Allah bless all Muslims and Forgive our Sins.

Faizan Naseem

#ulog #Saturday #weekend #Pakistan-community #Pakistancommunity #working-day #entertainment

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