#ULOG 03: Photographing is my passion.

in ulog •  2 months ago

From the past mierocles I acquired a new camera to work making videos for Dtube and Dlive, but also to take pictures (which is one of the things that I love to do) so today I was trying a camera mode where he makes 16 shots per second , and I loved this way of taking pictures because you capture unique moments, and well, today I was practicing with the help of my brother and this was the result.



Also, I wanted to try to photograph a flock of birds and this is what came out.



It is very fun to make this type of photography, and the model I have is a NIKON COOLPIX S220.

I will be sharing more pictures of this style later, and with other topics so you can enjoy this way of taking pictures.

Thank you very much for reading my #ulog for today :D

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