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While I joined STeem newly, #ulogs had been my favourite posts since I was not yet versed with the art of writing. In fact, my Introduction blog was created on https://ulogs.org. Those days are still very fresh enjoying #humanized curation from @Surpassinggoogle. I have been so expectant of the bog dream of #teardrops but it seemed npt to come through much earlier.

Thank God that @marlians is here and active and it gives me hope that the @teardrops dream will come to a reality someday. @Teardrops was interesting to me because I have so many tearful experiences in life and wish to share them. However, I have journaled them and will share when #marlians begin to curate #tears.

@Uyobong introduced me to Steem and told me the journey will b inspiring and that my life stories will encourage many. I have echoed many times how much I teared in 2012 when I lost my father to the cold hands of death. Though I felt terrible that my life has no future, today, A father so true - JEHOVAH, picked me up and I am here hearty and strong in this race of life.

Indeed, I am so encouraged to give a life to others through my @BlessTheOrphan Project. I will speak mpre of this in my later #ulogs on #marlians after my certification process.

I was given the link to this post as a guide to getting certified as a ulogger on the #marlians SCOT tribe while awaiting the full launch of #teardrops ecosystem.

This #ulog is my second step in the certification process. According to @Surpoassinggoogle, below are the steps tpo getting certiifed:

  • Steps 1: Send '5 STEEM' to '@marlians' with this memo; '1 month certification'.
  • Step 2: Do a 'ulog' via 'marlians.com' discussing the process of 'how you became a certified ulogger'. Make sure to use '#ulog'.
  • Step 3: Subscribe to 'UloggersTV YouTube'.
  • Step 4: Fill up this google form.

I have sent my 5 STEEM to @MArlians. Screenshots below.

I hope the Certified uloggers and the #marlians team sees my application early enough.

How and Where to Get Marlians?


You may also decide to get some Teardrops token:

What are the Use Cases for Marlians?

Please read this latest post by @Surpassinggoogle:
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Friends, Beatitudes (HEARTs) is for all, Be a part of this Blessing...

Register for Telos, use "Evelyn.jc" as referrer

Hey! to you trying to give-up, wait yet a bit. Your sorrows and troubles are not the end of you. You will smile again. Jesus is the bright and morning Sun. He will lighten you day.

I hope you'll engage my post with your comments, upvotes and resteems. Thank you.

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