ULOG: Day 11 ~ "Sirao Flower Garden" The little Amsterdam of Cebu!

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One of the places in the world which is famous for their beautiful flower garden is the Amsterdam in Netherlands. For someone who can't travel but want to experience it, we have our very own local mini Amsterdam here in Cebu!

Presenting the Famed Sirao Flower Garden!

Beautiful Flowers creates enchanment in the area !

Places that's perfect for your selfies!



Appreciate the little things and never stop exploring the beautiful spots within your own place. You may never knew how beautiful it is, if you'll only stop looking at the other side.

Thank you for dropping by!

P.S. all photos are mine.

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Lovely, yet another place in Cebu to visit. I’m building a list of places to take my mum in January when she comes in January. Thank you for sharing. Lovely pics as well.

Thank you for the appreciation ^^ ,. There are a lot of falls here in cebu that you might want to check out. Specially Kawasan falls. Its heaven in there ^^

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