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The news was as usual today
Boring and horrid
Like they want you to be scared
but of what?
King tuts and sluts
showing off their butts
looking for quick nuts
all stuck in their ruts
snotty spoiled brats
the whole lot of em
if you ask me anyway
and then the weather
like a ball and tether
holly or heather
I forget who's better
in leather?
Good question.
I forgot I was watching the news
with such sultry distractions
think I'll just take a snooze
and imagine our interactions.

Maybe @thekittygirl will sell you one?

Because - BOOBS

@snook made this badass gif
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I was wondering how the weather was going to get you to.........where you had to be LOLL

Great job and very cool Hearthstone card!!! a legendary Warrior no less :D


H!aaaaaaaaaaaa too funny

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well, this was boobalicious...


Only way to be! Well, there are a few others, but boobaliscious is def A-grade ;)

haha! very good sir enginewitty! and a great looking card, I don't know anything about them but that one there is brutally masculine!


Ah a fellow fam, @thekittygirl, dropped a few in chat on discord one day😎

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yes sir, I've just recently started following her and supporting her when I found out she was in the Alliance, she's tremendous.

The Legend of Whynot.

With all the wet weather, man better take umbrella.

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