SUCCESS, the most failed experiment ever undertaken!

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I have spent months reading books and listening to materials that inform on how to succeed, most of them pointed me in one direction, they all seemed to paint success as an experiment of trial and error,but is success supposed to be an experiment?

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Normally we think okay lets go to this vocational class, lets get this degree, lets get this job maybe someday someone somewhere, or a company somewhere might just call for me, in other words whatever we do is based on probability it might just work, so we do all these to increase the probability of success.

Success was never supposed to be that way, when a manufacturer makes a product, he doesn't make it on the probability that it might succeed, okay lemme just produce this phone it might just work NOOO!
Every manufacturer that makes a product makes it to certainly succeed why? because if it doesn't work his reputation will be tarnished this is why when a product fails the manufacturer does a massive recall, refunds your money.

God is that way too he made everything single creation with the intent that it certainly must succeed cause he would never want to spoil his reputation--which he refers to as his name sake--, our success was never to be based on probability.

The success of TECNO l9 plus, is accomplishment of the purpose it was created, give long hours of use, quality pictures etc, the success of a refrigerator is that it makes foodstuff put in it,cold or keep it fresh. In other words its fulfilling its purpose, the success of a seed is that produces a tree filled with fruit. So its success is certain not based on probability, the fulfillment of purpose is success .

Your success on earth here is tied to the fulfillment of your purpose, which is DOMINION,you dominate by serving gift in the specific area
You were created to exercise dominion and be in control, influencing your environment and the world around you through the fulfillment of purpose ,there no single way on earth that you would do this and end up broke

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Let me explain with this story,
Edet a young man had just been employed in an oil company,as the accountant(one who organizes, maintains and audits the financial records of another) he got in so excited started his job with the aim to be the best accountant ever, ignorant of his purpose in the organization,he started to do hardwork, come early leave late, even assist other departments in the organization,he was everywhere,the most hardworking staff, he did everything BUT accountancy, at the end of that financial year he was fired from the company with no compensation.

Isn't that strange he was so hardworking,and he got fired, why? Because the company doesn't care about hardwork or punctuality the reason for his existence in that company was accountancy, there could always be another hardworking guy, another punctual person, but what the company needed was value, all he needed to do was be himself, fulfill purpose,be an ACCOUNTANT.

That story goes to say that until you understand why there can never be personal, organisational and national fulfillment, what is why? Why is purpose.
Nothing will give as much power and prosperity, as much peace and happiness, as much fulfillment and satisfaction, and ultimately DOMINION-- over life and circumstances that you will face --as the fulfillment of the purpose you were created for. This and this alone is what secures you makes you indispensable, yes they might be jealous of you but, they will open doors for you with that jealousy.

What makes any thing valuable and needed in life, is its fulfillment of purpose, that's why you notice there are millions of billionaires in this world but we only celebrate some and talk about some.

People don't celebrate you and seek you,and nor follow you to the ends of the earth, because of money, there are millions of rich people in the world they want value,they want a sense of significance,and you have got the rarest kind of value trapped in you, you are GIFTED, but you have got to develop it, serve it and refine it Continuously, this is the secret to certain success, not a job, nor skill, nor political appointment, nor religion.

Purpose makes you rare and unique, yes you have got money but there are a MILLION wealthy Nigerians , when you choose to fulfill purpose you become like Steve Jobs
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He's being alive was meaningful, and it didn't ONLY give him significance,he gave the world around Him SIGNIFICANCE , when you choose to fulfill purpose, you become INDISPENSABLE and sought after, because there can always be another rich guy or lady, there can always be another scholar, but there can never be another you, your gift is YOU.

There are 8 billion people on the earth it is your fulfillment of purpose that makes you known among them, it puts you on the map.
It is what makes you in charge and in control without which you'd just be some ordinary rich person, and you were never created to be ordinary, so like the accountant find purpose and fulfill it, stop experimenting with life, you don't have much time, 80 years is very short for you to try this today and try this tomorrow, its time you settle down and discover specifically who you were created to be, and spend time becoming that person.

Find purpose! to find purpose of a thing never asks the thing, ask the manufacturer, the one who placed you here, because until you understand why you are here all you can do is abuse your god given potential-- when purpose is not known abuse is inevitable--. Its time to stop the abuse, you weren't made to experiment, and live the average life, you are a god meant to be in charge, rule and dominate these earths resources, find your purpose and start the fulfillment process.



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