ULOG: My Day

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picture by me

Awoken from a sound sleep, yeah, I really enjoyed the cool weather, of course, it had rained cat and dog yesterday evening. The weather seemed pretty favourable.

After my prayer, I remembered I had forgotten my Bible in which I kept the comb inside its purse in my cousin's house, a 15 minutes walking distance away from my home. Checking the clock, oops 6:30am

"Should I run to take my Bible in order to comb my hair when I am ready for school, or I should go to school leaving my hair uncombed?" I thought in a state of dilemma.

Yeah, I have to look decent as a teacher, and as well calculating the time, I might get late to school if I should go to my cousin's house which will result in a little amount deduction from my salary, though a little amount just right to get a cupcake. Yeah I have heard from the G³ (Golden Gift Guide), a book containing all the rules and regulations of the school.

"Oh no! I'm not gonna get late to school" I said

Although, the lil amount deduction wasn't the problem. The problem was that I don't want to destroy the reputation I have been nurturing as one of the punctual teachers in the school. 😉

I decided to go for my comb, just as I stepped outside, I saw my bicycle. Perfect!!! I jumped on it and rode off..

5 minutes after, I was home. I dashed into the bathroom and prepared for school.

By 7:30am, I was already on the way to school, this time around, no bicycle, I decided to use my "leggesdis bens", though a five minutes walking distance away from home.

"Yeah, I'm not late" I said as I signed in on the teachers' register and appended my signature.

We conducted the assembly and the students went to their various classes.

Yeah, it's the mid-term test, they have to read their book. A sigh of relief, no noise today. After awhile, they had their test as I write the lesson plan for Monday 11/06/2018. After an hour, I collected their test notes for grading and not quite long, I distributed their books to them after thorough checking and grading. They collected their books as they showed different signs, the serious were happy as they manifested that through their laughs and smiles. While the few unserious felt bad. Yeah, I have to encourage the "bad" to work hard to be "good". the "good", harder to be "better", and the "better" to be the "best".

By 2:00pm, we closed as we all went to our various homes.


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