Ulog: My Dairy, My Day 02/06/2018

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"kukuurukuu" (cock crows). "Oh, it's a brand new day" I said. I went straight to my phone to check my blog whether any miracle has been done lol, yeah I also have to check my discord application for any new message(s) but to my greatest surprise I found no message. "Oops, no message" I said as I visited "today's open heaven" (a daily devotional message) to read today's message. lol, a typical redeemite.

After my prayer, I decided to remain on the bed. Saturday stuff. Nothing much to do. After awhile, The bed stole away my consciousness, I soon went back to my fantasy. Then blackout.

(wizz), a slap at my back, immediately I ran off my fantasy. Looking up, I saw @jamesmovic. The slap hurt me but too difficult to cry, big boy stuff. Indeed, a very hefty guy and handsome guy . His hands are strong, capable of moving mountains. "dide dide" (stand up, stand up) He said. We chatted and had fun together. Hungry time arrived, we sent for snack (pizza) as we started playing Pes 2018 on our smartphone, waiting for the pizza

Here comes pizza. We ate to our satisfaction and after some minutes we decided to go to @jamesmovic 's house. I took my bag filled with my used clothes of the week to wash with washing machine at his house. I took a look at myself in the mirror, oops, not really okay to go out. Indeed I have to comb my hair, but really afraid of the pain of combing it. Just besides me was a nice cap. Though not really used to cap. But I thought that was the best option to save me from combing my hair. Exactly, I wore it and checked the mirror. Oops, don't really suit me but no choice. We jumped inside our leggeddis bends and zoomed off.

Getting there, unfortunately, there wasn't electricity to wash at that moment. We sat down and discussed. After awhile boredom set in, nothing much to do. On a normal day, the television is always there to entertain but today, it seemed as hell on earth. Silence overcame the house, and we slept off as our phones were dead.

"ko ko ko" (someone knocking at door). The sound woke me up and I went to the door to open the door. Oh, it was one of our friends, we exchanged greetings. @jamesmovic was still sleeping, probably because he wasn't feeling too okay. It was around 2:00pm, I decided to wake him up, but he refused.

Our friend and I went out to play football to keep us lively, after some time, @jamesmovic joined us. Not quite long, others from the neighbourhood started showing up one after the other. We played till sweat started gushing out of us like waterfall.

By 5:30pm, the electricity was restored, we went inside and tuned the TV set to super sport, a channel for football. Fortunately, the the football match we had been anticipating for (Nigeria Vs. England) just set in. Wow, we sat down and watched. It was really interesting though we lost to England, two goals to one.

After the match, it was already getting late, It's the high time I left. I took my bag and zoomed home.