ULOG: Reunion With a School Mate

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Today's @ulog post is about my visit to my coursemate at the University. He is currently in my State for the compulsory one year national youth service program (NYSC). We were really close back in school and off school we have kept in touch.

I even introduced him to the Steemit platform some months ago but he has been far away from me and have not been too chanced to understand the workings of the Steemit platform. However, we spent really quality time together, and I was able to explain some things about the platform to him. That was done after he gave me some nice meal and I appreciate his wonderful cooking skill . It looks like a simple meal but it is yummy.

@johnwalker1 prepared this meal for me.

Me and @johnwalker1 during my meal

Still on the meal.

Later on, we decided to go spend some time out. We spoke about fun times back in the school days, how he has been discouraged to continue steaming 🔥 and how he can improve. At the end of my stay with him, it seemed as if I should not leave.

@emjoe with @Johnwalker1 😂

That was how I spent part of my day today . Would you like to know how I spent the part of my day? Hang on. It was really a nice timeout with @johnwalker1.

My Signout Message Is:

Friendship Sustained Makes Life Fun.



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It is so awesome to meet an old pal and explain steemit...I could spend hours.
Something about school buddies that make them different from other friends, isn't it....

@emjoe friendship does make life fun, without friends we would be living in an alley of loneliness.keep steeming

Thanks bro.

Life indeed is more fun when we have some we call friend

Thanks for coming around :)

Have you done your byte ball registration???

Yea, unfortunately I had to sell all because I needed to do factory reset on my phone. 🙈

I wanted to hodl initially lol

You certainly did have a good time

Yea, I did.

Thanks for coming around :)

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