Ulog23 Rain

in #ulog2 years ago

Today is Sunday and as always I am excited about sundays because I love church, I love worshipping with other believers but guess what I didn't go to church today and I am sure you want to know why; rain. I think the rain started in the middle of the night. Getting up from my bed was a struggle because the weather was so cold and it was still raining. By the time I finally got up from bed,time was fqr spent. So I had to quickly enter into the bathroom and get dressed for church.

I left the house for my friends place by the time I got there there were not ready and the rain hadn't stopped so I finally ended up staying back at home with my friends. We just gisted and I read a novel on my phone in between and finally they prepared rice and beans with fish stew for lunch. We all ate and by the time we finished it was 3pm so I just headed back to my houae. Some days are like that!

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