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I was making my supplications known to God this morning. I have been mothering for about eighteen years now and I know my heart's desires for my kids. I know the kinds of prayers I make, for the kind of adults I want them to grow into.

prayer has been a very powerful tool for me.

My whole existence is centred around them and I understood that as a single mother and a mentor that I needed the whole of heaven, backing me up to raise them aright. I thought of how my all would be wasted if they were not guided properly, how my whole journey would have been one in futility. This increased my intensity to seek for one help without reservations.

In my prayer closet.

I thought of the kind of man I would want my son to become, a man with a heart, a large heart. To bear no grudges and to forgive all wrongs, all ills. To never look the other way, to never walk away from humanity to humankind. I have raised him along those lines, for I want desperately to have been able to raise a 'man' with a heartfelt and deeply sincere love for others, a 'man' who would not process thoughts before swinging swiftly into action, to do the right thing, a 'man' who would lend an ever attentive ear to cries of griefs and groans of agony. A man who would do 'humanity' without 'franchise', without fear, without failing. And then I thought of @surpassinggoogle. And then I prayed again,

God make him love humanity as much as Terry does.

As a violent intercessor, I stood in the gap and made this my prayer point on this Mother's Day. If my kids turn out right, only then would I have succeeded in leaving my mark on posterity.

They said of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ;

Blessed art thou amongst women.


@surpassinggoogle is your emblem of posterity. He is your record success as a mother. He has proved beyond all reason, that you are a refiner and a definer. You have raised a 'Masterpiece' , the finest of gentlemen.

I rise up to call you blessed.

I pay tribute to you this day in that the little time you spent here, you made posterity proud. You made motherhood proud.

You will ever be incessantly celebrity.

Terry, this is not to make you weepy but to elevate you to a pinnacle where you can look down and say;

Thank you Wilma, thank you for being one great mom.

I know the memories remain raw, evergreen, for a truly profound loving, for there is no soft synonym for the 'loss of a mom', but know that in raising you the way she did, she had accomplished history.

You are her emblem of posterity.

Through you, many will rise up to call her blessed.

This is for you, Maria Wilma Ajayi Aranez

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I am @edith4angelseu

Dedicating my entire steemit journey to Terry Ajayi, aka @surpassinggoogle

continue to support @surpassinggoogle
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@surpassinggoogle is your emblem of posterity. He is your record success as a mother. He has proved beyond all reason, that you are a refiner and a definer. You have raised a 'Masterpiece' , the finest of gentlemen.

I joined steemit just when the community was about to witness the unforgettable demise of our dear mother last November.

Then i witnessed a lot of love and support evolving from mummy Ajayi to her son and the entire community. Such love made me feel at home and ever since i started following @surpassinggoogle. I was saddened by her death which came few days to my birthday that the day became meaningless to me.

But now we celebrate her because she left with us a rare "fruit".

May she rest on. And may all she left continue to enjoy divine love and protection.

Happy mother's day mama Mary Ajayi... Rest on!

I'm @tomfreeman!

My birthday blog during mama's exit is here: https://steemit.com/untalented/@tomfreeman/it-s-my-birthday-cheer-me-up-friends-for-i-m-dispirited-20171128t9351301z

thank MARIA WILMA AJAYI! for given us @surpassinggoogle he has been a blessing to us

Thank you for stopping by

Momma Wilma must be very proud of her children wherever she may be. Such a beautiful tribute <3

She is very proud, I am sure. Thanks a lot

Happy Mother's Day <3 to all mothers here ate steemit platform Love from philippines.

Thanks so much dear

always welcome miss edith :) <3

Give thanks to all moms in the world! Thanks for sharing your inspirable post @edith4angelseu. Ive able to know @surpassinggoogle's best mom. I am greatly joined to your tribute!

Thank you dear for taking time to read this.

Much welcome friend. Keep it up!

Happy mother's day to your mom in heaven.

Happy mother's day to all. <3

Thank you @jovema

Each mother will go to have such a marvelous mindful youngster as Sir Terry Ajayi @surpassinggoogle . Happy Mother's Day in paradise, Mrs Maria Wilma Ajayi Aranez. May your spirit rest in peace. I realize that you are currently content with our maker. Try not to stress over your child Terry Boy he is all around cherished by everybody.

Exactly! Her son, Terry is her worthy representative. Thanks

WOOOW! She really is a great mom. I mean, look how Sir Terry is. :) He is the evidence of her greatness. Now I know who was behind Sir Terry's being. :) Too bad I can't be able to thank her for raising up a superhero and a man of a very big heart.

She is a great mom indeed. She has Terry to show for that. Thank you

We can have a replacement if any of our things is gone in life.
But you can't have a replacement of a mom.

Mothers are the bed rock of our life's.

May she continue to rest with God.

Amen. Indeed, mothers are irreplaceable. Thank you loads.

This is my first time seeing @surpassinggoogle's mom, I've heard that like me she is also a Filipino. No wonder @surpassinggoogle is a very good person because he is blessed with a mother like her!

She was an absolute beauty to behold @juichi and her amazing personality would ever continue to speak through Terry.

Behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begin. - Mitch Albom

No mothers, no stories of us. Thank you so much

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Wow!! What a tribute!! She is really a good mother, a superheroes who do all her best to take care of her children and protecting them from troubles.

You have said it all @edith4angeleu,Mrs Maria Wilma Ajayi must be very happy to be seen what @surpassinggoogle is doing and how he is loved by everyone.

Every mother will pray to have such an awesome ,talented, generous, kind, selfless, caring child as Sir Terry Ajayi @surpassinggoogle.

Happy Mother's Day to our dear mother Mrs Maria Wilma Ajayi Aranez. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Thank you so much. She will be very proud of her 'boy'

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Happy Mother's Day in heaven, Mrs Maria Wilma Ajayi Aranez. May your soul rest in peace. I know that you are now happy with our creator. Don't worry about your son Terry Boy he is well loved by everyone. Thanks for the beautiful tribute @edith4angelseu. Happy Mother's Day to all!

Thank you so much dear

You are highly welcome ma

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful mother! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate.

Rest on Ma Ajayi
Happy Mothers days to all Mothers both living and departed

Thank you loads

Thanks friend,for sharing this amazing post.Happy mothers day.God bless your mother.

Thank you dear

To ALL these PRAYERS and other of your HEART'S desires, may you oh! GOD of HEAVEN who has ALL powers in the Heavens and Earth including beneat; bring answers to your damsel in righteousness. Happy mothers day beloved of GOD.

Amen. Thank you so much for this heart-felt prayer. May your heart's desires be met too. I am happy you stopped by

I'm just seeing this now... This is an awesome piece @edith4angelseu, you just know how to put words to use, and find verbal expression for what's felt in the depth of the heart. This is not common...Kudos!

Hmm... Mama Wilma, when she was my age, I wonder if she knew she'd give birth to a legend. I'm sure she was given that responsibility because no one could play the role better. Terry is every (potential) mother's dream.

This is just the way every mother hopes to be remembered and celebrated. Even though I have a huge phobia for marriage, I have always prayed for my children, it feels like I know them by faces and names already. It gets me emotional to know I have their foundation in my hands, but I try to stay strong in advance.

She was an epitome of womanhood. Funny how I can say that when I didn't even know her. Well, I do know her too well, I see a piece of her everyday.

I see Terry!

May her soul know peace. God bless the Ajayi family!

Thank you so much.

happy mothers day

Thank you

happy mother's day..
i will all all mothers in the world.
I pray that the life of all the mothers of the earth is beautiful.thanks to u for share this and also thanks @surpassinggoogle

Thanks dear

happy mother's day!

Thanks dear

Still not yet late to greet @surpassinggoogle's mother a happy happy mothers day. You're lucky Sir.