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We all have people we look up to them as Heroes just as @surpassinggoogle who is always part of Steemit solution, Lets support #ULOG, be a #ULOGGER today

Thank You

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He is indeed a Hero and a Mentor to many

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So pretty !
I also can suggest this editor of ulogs.org https://ulogs.org/ulog-surpassinggoogle

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Awwe so thoughtful!

Great cartoon @edeejosh. I was precisely scratching some lines to draw a potrait of @surpassinggoogle. It did not come out cartoonish and i have not had the time to prepare the post, but i'll do it soon. He desereves all our admiration.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

@surpassinggoogle is a hero and a mentor to many people on steemit ,the kind of altruistic behaviour is on the lips of his follower and he change many to become somebody in life .

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for showing us love .

God bless you .