ULOG #24: Completing Ulog Stories

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This contribution closes the "Ulog Stories" section from this task request by @surpassinggoogle.

This displays the ulog stories from certified uloggers on the right side bar. The aim of this feature is to showcase their stories. This is aligned with site's objective of being a conscious effort to "mine the human" into its "awesomest version".

1. Repository


2. Task Request/Issue


3. Pull Requests


4. Testing

These were the tests manually done in Chrome:

  1. Visit the ulog.org home page (user should be logged in)
    • Ulog Stories should display on the right side bar
    • Ulog Stories should be sorted from newest to oldest
    • Only five stories should be initially displayed
    • Only stories from certified uloggers should be displayed
  2. Click the View button
    • it should open the corresponding ulog story as a normal post from the certified ulogger
  3. Click the View More button
    • An additional five (5) Ulog Stories should be displayed

5. Implementation

The main PR for this contribution was PR 249. The other PRs were slight modifications on existing features like adding the info text on the Ulog Story Quick Editor for non-certified uloggers.

  1. src/client/components/Sidebar/UlogStories.js - the main function here is getUlogStories() which is called when the component is mounted; this was where I had to do trial and error. Eventually, the logic I used was:
    1. Get first the list of certified uloggers
    2. Get their latest five posts
    3. Push them into an object array [{ author, permlink, created}]
    4. Then in render(), sort the array from newest to oldest based on the posts's created field
  2. src/client/components/Sidebar/UlogStory.js - a new UlogStory component that displays the post when the View button is clicked

6. Feature in Action


7. Lesson Learned

The main issue I encountered in doing this was figuring out how to get the ulog stories from selected authors (certified uloggers) only.

Due to my unfamiliarity in using the different STEEM APIs, I had to do trial and error to figure out the correct combination of API calls to get the result I needed. The two main functions I used were getDiscussionsByBlog and getDiscussionsByCreated. My main reference was the STEEM Dev Portal - Condenser API - API Definitions.

There were other issues I encountered, but the above stood out because of the time and effort I spent in it.

8. GitHub Account


This post was made from https://ulogs.org

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Good to see you are still helping out with the task requests! There's not that much code, but let's have a look:

  • Some inconsistencies in formatting, style, using var etc -- you should use a linter.
ulogStoriesArr.sort((a, b) => {
      var keyA = new Date(a.created),
          keyB = new Date(b.created);
      if(keyA > keyB) return -1;
      if(keyA < keyB) return 1;
      return 0;
  • Code above could be turned into a one liner.

I don't use React myself, so can't really give more feedback unfortunately.

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Thank you Amos for the feedback. I'll consider these on succeeding contributions.

I did try the one liner, return b-a but I wasn't comfortable / convinced of the result, so I took the longer route.

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

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